10-J Codes

Procedure & Officer Details
10-1 Unable to copy
10-2 Signals good
10-3 Affirmative – granted – will do
10-4 Message received
10-5 Relay
       J1 Personnel
       J2 Property
       J3 Prisoner
10-6 Busy, stand by
10-7 Out of service
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat
10-10 On minor detail, subject to call
10-11 Remain in service
10-12 Visitors or officials present
10-13 Weather and road condition
10-14 Correct time
10-15 Have in possession
       J1 Personnel
       J2 Property
       J3 Prisoner
10-16 Pick up (J1, J2 or J3) at…
       J1 Personnel
       J2 Property
       J3 Prisoner
10-17 Urgent, rush present detail
10-18 Anything for us
10-19 Nothing for you
10-20 Location
10-21 Call…by phone
       J1 At once
       J2 At your convenience
10-22 Report in person to…
       J1 At once
       J2 At your convenience
10-23 Arrived at scene
10-24 Finished with last assignment
10-25 Disregard last information
10-26 Holding subject, rush reply
10-27 Operator or Officer on duty
10-28 Full registration information
       J1 Vehicle
       J2 Drivers
       J3 SRU
10-29 Check records for wanted

Emergency or Unusual
10-30 Does not conform to rules or regulations
10-31M Mental
10-31A Armed & Dangerous
10-32 Criminal Activity
       J1 Murder
       J2 Rape
       J3 Robbery
       J4 Assault
       J5 Burglary
       J6 Larceny/Theft
       J7 Auto Theft
       J8 Narcotics
       J9 Unknown
       J10 Arson
       J11 Gang Affiliate
10-33 Emergency traffic this station
10-34 Trouble at station – help needed
10-35 Major crime alert
10-36 Confidential information
10-38 Involved in danger, need immediate assistance
10-39 Go to …. For the purpose of:
       J1 Observation of traffic
       J2 Check of traffic
       J3 Road block

General Use
10-40 Pedestrian check
10-41 Car check
10-44 Building check
10-45 Traffic violation

Accident & Vehicle Handling
10-50 Accident
       J1 Minor
       J2 Injury
       J3 Roadblock
       J4 Fatality
10-51 Wrecker needed
       J1 Has been called
10-52 Ambulance needed
       J1 Has been called
10-55 Driving While Intoxicated
       J1 Charges will be filed
       J2 Make your own case
10-59 Convoy or Escort

Net Message Handling
10-60 What is the next number?
10-62 Teletype traffic
10-63 Any answer our number?
10-64 Message for local delivery
10-65 Item assignment
10-66 Cancellation
10-67 Clear for net message
10-68 Dispatch information
10-70 Fire
10-79 Report progress of fire
10-81 Off duty police officer

Personal Favors
10-82 E-call
10-88 Advise present phone number
10-89 Radioman (needed or will arrive)

10-91 Too weak, talk closer to mike
10-92 Too loud, talk farther from mike
10-93 Frequency check
10-94 Give a test
       J1 with voice
       J2 without voice

Caution Indicators
Caution codes Range in severity from 1 being less dangerous to 3 being the most dangerous.